Changing area of polygons (face of polyhedron)

Using the Polygon Area and Coplanar with Onplane goals merged, if I want to change the area of a face of a polyhedron (Polygon area) while keeping the the normals of all of the faces the same as before (no need to be the same plane, just one parallel to it) is there any chance of the goal to converge other than have a uniform scale of the whole polyhedron?

PS: The image is for reference, the result is not from kangaroo.

PS2: The wanted area changed doesn’t have any constrains on how it should look other than the vertices being on their respective planes and for the faces not to self intersect.

To keep points on a parallel plane to their original plane, you can offset the plane and keep one set of points on this, but connected to the original points by a set of lines which maintain their direction and keep equal length.

The PolygonArea goal is only for flat polygons in the WorldXY plane, so to enforce area for a non-world aligned plane you can maintain length equality for the edges of a pair of triangulated meshes, with one of these meshes kept on XY.

Here the area of the top face is being kept constant: (27.8 KB)


That is so cool and does exactly what I wanted thank you!

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