Changing Annotation Styles in Rhino7 for Mac

Hei guys,

I m quite new to Rhino, I have been studying Rhino7 on my own, but I seem to struggle on changing the dimensions on the units, when I try to set the measurement on my drawing. I did found the menu: File-Settings-Annotation Styles, but any changes I try to do there, seems it doesn’t t apply to my actual drawing( measurement). I have also tried from the Properties panel-Linear Dimensions-Edit Style, but I obviously struggle to get it right inside the menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hei Maya -
I’m not clear on where it is that you are getting stuck with this.
File > Settings > Annotation Styles is the place to go.
If you are using a factory-default template to start from, you will have 4 annotation styles in the left column of that dialog. You select one of these and change its properties in the right part of that dialog.
Make sure that the annotations in your model use the style that you are modifying.
If that doesn’t help, please provide a 3dm file and perhaps a picture with some details on what is going on.

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