Changing animation defaults


I’m new to bongo and I have noticed that as I animate an object to move position, the movement will automatically start at the beginning of the entire animation and reach the desired position at the keyframe tick. I would like to set it so that the movement always begins 100 ticks before the keyframe. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

Hello @marika_almgren

I need this feature as well!

Is there a way to manually create a first keyframe exactly where I want it, instead of jammed at zero with all multiple other keyframes???

  • For example, I want geometry to start moving at frame 50 and end at frame 100.
  • When I move the geometry at frame 100, generating keyframe 2, I get a keyframe 1 at zero. Hmmm.


  • I may already have a rotation keyframe at zero, so now I can’t pick and move them separately. They are stacked – and the same color!


  • Allow users to right-click anywhere on the timeline and insert a first keyframe for either position / rotation / scale via a pop-up menu.
  • Later changes to P/R/S at the second keyframe (@ 100) only create animation between 50 and 100.
  • This is how it’s done in After Effects, making it very intuitive for creating and editing.
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Andrea, indeed a ‘zero-data’ keyframe is always installed at keyframe 0 the first time animation is introduced to some object. There is (currently) no ‘option’ to e.g. change the zero-data-keyframe’s default number or make it relative to the initial keyframe.

You can however easily move the zero keyframe by dragging it over the timeline. Automatically a copy is made hence leaving the original zero keyframe at zero.

Indeed David this can coincide with previous data. In a displaced copy of the keyframe 0 (e.g. at tick 50) you can easily filter out the desired parameter by unmarking the checkbox.

To make an unanimated object’s transition ‘start’ at a certain keyframe I mostly use the following technique:
• Place the timelineslider at the desired start-tick
• In Animation Mode select the desired transformation mode (Position, Rotation, …) in the timeline selection buttons.
• Then click in succession on the up and down spin button of the inputbox for the desired direction (X, Y or Z) hence introducing briefly a 1 value keyframe at the spot and setting it back to zero.

• Finally move the timelineslider to the ‘end-of action’ tick to make the final input.

Maybe the plus/minus clicking on the spin button in the technique explained above could be avoided by making a simple keyboard Enter sufficient to set the zero value. I’ll make an entry on the wish list.

At present we have a right-click anywhere on the timeline allowing to add a keyframe either Empty or Precalcutated. This can be used on an unanimated object as well, giving more or less the technique you described. More or less because indeed Bongo needs to now for which transition the keyframe is needed – there are not only the 9 transformation parameters but also the object’s attributes and material properties. So after installing an ‘Empty’ keyframe you need to open the Keyframe editor (double-click on the keyframe) and mark the desired parameter.
I cannot easily think of a way to make this more simple. Adding a ‘Zero’ option in the ‘Add keyframe’ list (besides ‘Empty’ and ‘Precalculated’) followed by a next context menu allowing the user to pick the desired parameter might be an option?

First of all, thank you for the excellent and detailed feedback. It is amazing and appreciated!

Secondly, my comments were based on experience going back well over a year or so … and it appears there are some improvements! I should have checked to see if an update had modified this keyframe functionality.

I had tried the pre-calculated in the past and never got it to work.I will try again!

Add keyframe → Selected → Zero → [Position]

Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you. I will test it soon.

I had even made another post requesting it, but I didn’t think it was processed.

Hello Luc!

Thank you very much for such a detailed response. It has been very helpful!

I did remember your irritation concerning cluttering keyframes. The Wish-List-for-Bongo-3 topic you refer to concerning the ‘zero-keyframe’ has become rather extended and messy. Making an uncluttered thematic inventory of the wishes for Bongo 3 throughout the Forum is (still) on my to-do-list.

I personally feel your idea of unraveling the red Object’s keyframes is worthwhile consideration. Apart from the software technical feasibility there is the issue that untying would mean a split up of Object-data in 6 elements:
• Morphing
• Position
• Rotation
• Scale
• Properties
• Constraints
whereas at present there are already 5 other keyframe-types (and as much colors) in use.

But rest assure your concern(s) will get under discussion.