Changing a concrete polysurface's face colour

Hi everybody,

Is it possible to partially edit a surface that is part of a polysurface in order to change its colour, isocurves display, shading mode and so on? I think that would be very useful in many cases and disciplines.

Sometimes I can take it grouping surfaces instead of merging them, but this is not a clean solution, so at the end I have to check naked edges, calculate volume and more operations that require a polysurface and not a group of surfaces.

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Hi Jordi - the best you can do is change the material of individual faces using testPerFaceMaterial in V5 (it’s more generally allowed via sub-object selection in V6/WIP)


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Hi Pascal,

The testPerFaceMaterial is not recognising any command (only TestDecimalPoint is suggested by the command prediction), so I haven’t made a complete aproach to this.

Anyway, the track of doing it with materials in spite of object’s color brought me to configure my “Rendered” display mode (just by changing ambient color and showing curves, edges, etc.) in order to work in “Rendered” mode with a similar performance than into the “Shaded” mode, so now I’m ready to comfortably use the command that is not working (lol).

In fact, this tests with the display mode are bringing me to another question related:
Could we combine material and object color visualisation into the same polysurface with _SetObjectDisplayMode and testPerFaceMaterial? That would be cool.

Anyway, since it’s not a must into my work routine I think the best option is waiting to get the V6 and work it by sub-object selection. Is it working only with materials there or we can also change object’s color by sub-object selection?


Test commands (except for a few - like TestDecimalPoint) do not autocomplete and will not hit any command predictions. You need to type the complete command. Can you paste the command line output when you run that command on your system?

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Thank you wim,

Here you have the command line output and the screenshot of the result:

Command: Testperfacematerial
Select an object with the rendering material you want to assign:
Select surface you want to use the rendering material:
Select surface you want to use the rendering material:

PS: Has anybody made icons for all these hidden commands and scripts?

Great Discovery!!

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