Changes coordinates automatically for a new movement

Hi there,

I’m working on a column which is built by a robot, a ABB IRB 1200-7/0.7. I have a coordinate system of the locations of the bricks and a pick up point. Now I want to place the bricks one by one in the right location. The robot must go first to the pick up point, than to the location of the brick, back to the pick up point and so on. It works for the first brick.

But the problem is that if I insert more coordinates, that the robot is not going back to the pick up point in between the placing of the bricks.

Is there a possibility to change the coordinates of my placing location automatically after placing the first brick?

Thank you very much!

Hi Sue -
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When you don’t get an answer, a common cause is that you haven’t provided enough information for anyone to be able to provide an answer that makes sense.

You should always provide your *.gh file (reduced to only those components that illustrate the problem and all referenced Rhino geometry internalized) and explicitly indicate if any non-standard plug-ins are used. Since you mention an ABB robot, I imagine that a special plug-in is used, and, if the problem is related to that plug-in, you might need to look for help from the people that provided that plug-in.