Changelayer and Linked Blocks


If there is a linked block in the file with the the same layername as in the main file, the ChangeLayer command doesn´t work.

Anyone with the same behavior?


Hi Thomas- do you mean it fails completely or it fails to move objects in the linked blocks to a different layer?


What I mean is when I:
Select an object in the current file (not in the linked block)
Type -ChangeLayer “-4-” (<-- layername)
The object isn’t changed to the layer “-4-”

This only happens when a specific layer is also included in a linked block.


Hi Thomas- thanks… I cannot reproduce this here so far-

  • Open a file.
  • Insert a 3dm file as a linked block
  • Select an object in the current file and -ChangeLayer "Layer Name" to another layer in the current file…

…works fine. Is that the right test for what you are seeing? Does it happen in any file?



Hi pascal,

I reproduced it again and it won’t work still.

I can change layers of course, but not if the same layer name is also in the linked block.

Here is an example main file and a linked block.
Try to place the long box in the 4 layer with -changelayer 4.

It does work if I select the layer, RMB, select Change Object layer. But not with -Changelayer.

If I make a new layer 5 is also works. But if the layer already is in the linked block it won’t…

Example.rar (24.1 KB)

Yes, OK, I see. Thanks, I’ll see if this can be fixed.