"Change view to <view type> view of same area"

I’m frequently working in and ortho view of an area and want to switch to a 3d view of the same area of a prpoject. Is there a simpler way to do this - maybe a single or group of key commands - other than invoking the new view and panning and zooming to area?

Hmmm, I made a thing for this years ago… let me dig it up and see if it still works the way I remember. Hold on a bit.

@djhg - it does seem to work ok - it might be helpful. Save then drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino -
This will add a number of aliases but the ones you might care about are

Loupe - starts a loupe viewport if none exists, and sets the scale/zoom. Just sets the scale if there is anready a Loupe view. Use this to get started.

LoupePt - pick locations in any other viewport and the Loupe view looks at the same point. This is the most likely to be useful

LoupeBrowse - basically repeats LoupePt to allow you to browse around the model and look at specific locations in the Loupe view.

LoupeSelected - sets the Loupe view to the center of selected object bounding box. I see this does not work with post selection.

In addition the script has some other tools:


which are a bit fiddly - but could be handy.
ZoomTools (2).zip (1.6 KB)


Great! Thanks!