Change UserDictionary directly from Rhino UI [Python]

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a job which requires storing persistent values to an rhino object and later do some calculation using these values. However, my team members do not know much about scripting, but I want them to be able to change these values directly from Rhino UI just like the way they change the name property of an object.

Is there any way to implement this quickly for Rhino 5? (or with any existing plugins…)

Currently, the workaround I am using is to store comma separated values to the name field (say, name an object as 2,4,12), and coerce the string into list through scripting. But it quickly get confusing for people when the list gets longer.


You might want to try the SetUserText/GetUserText commands in Rhino possibly with some custom macro toolbar buttons for getting/setting specific key/value combinations to make it easier for your coworkers.

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