Change Two-factor auth device

how can I change my two-factor auth device?

  1. Turn off 2fa
  2. Enable 2fa
    The code from the previous device is still used, which still works. Firstly, this should not be possible, in my opinion. Secondly, I can’t register a new device anywhere.


  • support for more than one device

You can change your login account details here:
in the Login tools.

2FA is limited to one device.

I can see that. But I can’t change or re-enter the device. If I check the TOTP box, the old device is used again. But I want to enter a new device.

You can edit your mobile number on the Personal Info tool, or change your email address on the Email tool.

The Login tool only let’s you configure if and how it is used

Deselect the TOTP app option (you’ll need to select an alternative, like SMS) and save. Then go back into Login > 2FA and you will get a new QR code when you select TOTP app. You can set up as many devices as you like with the same QR code.

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