Change Tween Points

How do I change tween points between objects? I want the points to be planer rather than some random angle. I hope this makes sense.


the points aren’t random… they’re halfway (or equally divided) between two outer points… if one part of the curve is up in the air then the tween curve will be up to.

maybe use the SetPt command on the resulting tweened curve(s) to flatten them to x, y, or z.

I apologize for my lack of understanding, I don’t know how to use setpt. I just don’t understand why the tween line won’t follow the grid.

oh… those are planar.
if you’re using TweenCurves command and you want that transition to be more how i imagine you would like, try using the Refit option for ‘match method’

it you want to manually change where the curve seam is, use the command CrvSeam on the curve (ie- you can change where that point on the circle occurs.

to invoke the command, just start typing crvseam and choose it from the list that pops up. (or type the whole command and press return)

Thank you for your help. I’m obviously not using correct terminology but you were still able to help me. THANK YOU!

I just realized refit was selected, the image was taken using refit. The Crvseam will work though.