Change to a highlighted layer

Not sure whether this is possible, but is there a macro/ script that can change a selected object to a highlighted layer -not an active layer-- but a layer that is highlighted and turned blue on the screen. (Not sure what this is called).

Thank you.

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hi @cosmas,

nice idea.

here is a RhinoScript that should do the job.
Save on your HD, then drag-and-drop into Rhino. The added alias will be:


AssignToSelectedLayer.rvb (698 Bytes)


Nice idea, nice execution. Saves searching through the RMB list, which is a little too long for my comfort. I have often tripped over this.

Excellent @Jarek. Works perfect :grinning:

Thank you - I REALLY appreciate it!

It is actually very handy idea, the extra RMB-click to change object layer while organizing a file always felt like too many extra steps as @Dancergraham mentioned.

I updated the script with two small tweaks:

  1. if no layer is highlighted, user will get to pick the layer from popup layer dialog
  2. if multiple layers are highlighted, a popup will show listing all highlighted layers to pick from.
    These two are not that useful but sometimes may come handy.

AssignToSelectedLayer.rvb (1.3 KB)



Thank you!