Change thickness of Revit floor in Grasshopper

Hi Everybody. I have the following problem: I copied a Revit floor type within Grasshopper which worked. Then I wanted to change the thickness of this new floor. I think the parameter name is “Default Thickness”. When I try to change this parameter I get an error message that this parameter is read-only.
I can understand that I cannot change this parameter directly because in Revit it is done within the structural layer settings. I only want to have a generic floor with one thickness. Does anybody know how I can change this parameter within Grasshopper? Thank you in advance.

Its possible, but definitely easier to do in the UI unless you have a specific reason to script it.

Thank you very much.
That is exactly what I am looking for.

Here’s querying the type and modifying.


I am wondering if it would be possible to do this with C# in a custom node as I am used to use C#,
but I don’t know how to access the thickness parameter with C#.

similar to the steps above: get the compound structure, get the layer and modify

Great. Thanks.