Change the orientation of each frame using a vector list

Hi everyone!
I will be very grateful in someone can help me to solve a problem I have in grasshopper.
I have a curve on a surface, the curve is divided into several points, each point have an associated frame with EvalSft block. I would like to change the orientation of each frame using a vector list input. Mi question is, How can I rotate each {i}-frame around {i}-z axis with different angles? (9.6 KB) Surface and curve - OrientationFrames.3dm (40.8 KB)

When I try to use the PRot block , all the frames rotate the same angle, but I would like to fix the angle for each one frame. Like show the next figure.

According to mi application , I have an algorithm in Matlab to calculate one vector (V_{i}) for each frame and I would like to align the x-axis of each frame to each V_{i} vector.

Is this possible? How can I enter a vector list in grasshopper?

Thank you very much for your time!.
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Edwin Rosario

Welcome @edwinrg54. See item number 3.

Hi Fred,
Im sorry. I already upload the .gh file. Thank you!

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Do you have your vectors in a text file and you want to import them into Grasshopper?

In your image you show one single value for Angle in the PRot component. You need to put a list of (i) values in here. There are tools for importing data from a text file or excel spreadsheet.

If you just want to see how to input a list of (i) angles just use Series to create a list of (i) numbers and try it in the Angle input of PRot.

Thank you very much martynjhogg. Yes, I put a list of angles using a text file and with this I could change the orientation of each frame. Thank you.