Change the hight of mesh cut outs

Hi there,

I am a beginner in Grasshopper. I have some problems with the cut outs for the openings “doors” I would like to change the hight of those opening´s/ cut outs, so the whole bulding opens up a little more.
I would like if there is less roof strucktur and the whole bulding is opening up more. (See at the picture the black hand-drawn curves)

Does anyone has an idea how this might work?
Is there maybe a way to change the strength of the cut outs ?

openings.3dm (3.1 MB) (27.7 KB)

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-21 um 08.26.29

I hope you get my problem!
Thank you in advance,


Hi Isa,
A couple ways come to mind. Have you tried to draw a guide curve and force the naked edge points to it using OnCurve? This could give you some control, but if you want a more natural, larger opening, this is not the best approach.

In that case, you might try to carve an area out from the flat mesh, perhaps along your circles for instance.
(with the option to constrain those naked points to move along the Z only, if desirable)

Edit - for example: (22.6 KB)

OnCurve could give you more control over the shape of those openings if you have specific height requirements, or you could strengthen those mesh edges to a certain degree for some control as well.


Thanks a lot for your replay!
I did solved my problem myself with those two following additions.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-22 um 11.42.52
Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-22 um 11.43.10