Change the alt button so it doesn't make a copy

I often use the alt button to switch from o snap on to o snap off. However that button also adds an additional copy and so i have to be delicate about hitting the alt after I start moving the object to avoid unwanted copies. Is there any way to disable the add feature of the alt button or move it to a different button? THANKS -Ethan

yes please. That is the single most irritating thing to happen during modelling in Rhino. If I want a copy, I’ll ask for a copy (e.g. c toggle in the command line). (Though I sometimes get the feeling that the copy option has been made less touchy a while ago. I could be wrong about that).

or how to I assign a diff button to turn on and off the o snap?

Hi Ethan, Wim - There is no way to change this in Rhino… but, that copy should not kick in if you hold the alt key, only if you quickly tap it- and if you tap it again it should toggle copying off. Are you finding that Alt makes a copy if you hold it down?


ok to clarify it only happens when i hold down alt before making a change and then use the gumball. Is there way to assign another button to turn on and off the osnap? there must be!

Hi Pascal,
No, copy doesn’t kick in when holding Alt down. It’s just that things go rather fast at times and I find that I often zoom, pan, rotate around to get into a good position to select something and that I somehow hit Alt and change my mind about the position basically at the same time. Resulting in a quick hit only, followed by a minute change of the view and a hit & hold of the Alt key. Or something like that. … At any rate, it took me a long time to find out exactly what was going on and I haven’t really found a way to avoid it all together. It is really rather annoying. … And please don’t change the behavior of the Alt key for overriding the snaps! It’s the copy thing that should be ‘turn-offable’. It’s a command line option in some commands and that’s the way it should be.
( That reminds me, could you nudge a developer about the changing the copy option in the extract command when already having picked one surface ending the command?)
Cheers, wim

Hi Wim- OK- for now, does it help to tap Alt again when you see the + and toggle it back off?

Yes, I’ll add a comment.



so there is no way for me to assign on my rhino a custom button that turns on and off the o snaps?

Hi Ethan- The command to use in Rhino is

_ DisableOSnap _Toggle

You can put this on any button or assign it to an alias or even the middle mouse button macro (Mouse page in Options).


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great! thanks . sorry to ask a dumb question but if i want to assign it to a specific key or the space bar, how actually do i do that… sorry ive never customized the interface in this way before…

you cannot override the behavior of the space bar. You can make a keyboard shortcut (either a F-key or a combination of Ctrl / Alt and a letter) or you can make an alias - this will work as a command and as such you will have to hit space or enter to activate the command.
See the help file for some information: Keyboard Options & Aliases Options.

@Margaret, on the Keyboard Options page, the link from “Key - Available shortcut key combinations in Rhino” points to a page that describes navigation shortcuts. I was kinda expecting a table with the default keyboard command shortcuts and perhaps a picture of the dialog box where these are defined. @ethank, does that help page give you enough information to create your own shortcut?

Hi Pascal, well… I suppose it should but I tend not to notice the + sign until it is too late. I’ll try to keep an eye on the behavior - as I mentioned, I got the feeling that something has been done about the sensitivity of the thingy (like a year-ish ago) but of course it could just be me that has been retraining myself unconsciously :wink:

Thanks for that!!

OK. I tend not to use images of dialog boxes as they make life more difficult for translation. I thought it was so easy to open the dialog box to look at the shortcuts that nobody would bother to take the extra time to look for the same information in the Help. However, I can certainly add a table.

Cool. I’m sure you know what you are talking about with the pictures and translation.:wink:

I don’t need the table - I was just trying to point a user to the help for something that he didn’t know how to do and actually I got confused about what the keyboard options wanted me to learn. I don’t connect the keyboard shortcuts to the navigation tools. But again, a user who is trying to learn something should chime in here :slight_smile: