Change text to a number


is there a chance to change a text to a number?

my text number is generated out of an importtext from rhino

Upload a file.

text to (15.3 KB)

If you internalise your data and reduce your file to the simplest non-working example, it’ll be a lot easier for people who do not have the same plugins installed as you to help out. (Point #3 in this post)

I can only assume that there’s some whitespace characters in your text that mess with the conversion. The text “60” should convert into the number 60 without issue, but if there’s a newline or tab or something it may mess with the conversion. For example “60¶” will not convert: (7.8 KB)

You can use the Text Trim component to remove all leading and trailing whitespace, or you can use the Characters component to inspect your text in detail to see exactly what characters went into it.