Change space

changespace is mentioned here mcneel wiki but I can’t find the command when I’m using Rhino. I’d like this to work, please help!

That is a V6 document.
I can’t remember if ChangeSpace is in V5 or not.
If you can’t type it in V5, then it’s in V6

D’oh! Sorry about my lack of attention to detail there. I am running V5, and now have one more reason to look forward to V6. Thanks

Hi Jake,

If you are using Rhino 5, use TestChangeSpace. In the Rhino WIP, use ChangeSpace.

– Dale

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Hey, that works wonderfully! Is there documentation for commands like this that don’t show up with autofill?

No, there is documentation for hidden commands as they are not intended for public use. Since this one has been elevated to a normal command in the WIP, we don’t mind sharing it…

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