Change Shape with Points

Hi together

I am looking for a solution to adjust the last based on defined points. Namely, I want to be able to influence length width and general fit. The idea is that I touch one point and it drags the neighboring points as well, so that the shape is not completely torn. Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this?
Thank you in advance.! (53.0 KB)
last_grasshopper.3dm (3.4 MB)

Sorry I couldn’t continue our earlier conversation. Have a look at this, it might help. Probably limited in terms of further customization (hard to give each point a different “weight” for example), but I hope it’s closer to what you want to achieve. If you want more points, just add them to the MERGE component (24.9 KB)

Thanks a lot! That helps me to get further. Maybe there is the possibility to drag neighboring points, similar to Laplacian Transformation?

Doesn’t the definition do that?
I exaggerated the numbers to maximize the effect, but if you check and manipulate the slider attached to the MIN component, that’s supposed to be how much your attractor points affect their neighbors. If you increase/decrease it, you will notice how the surface gets smoother.

The number of points you use in the divide surface component will play a role as well of course. The less points, the smoother the changes will be, but the less resolution.