Change shape of base and add curves or points of curves


Please see my questions in attached images.

I would like to change shape of base and add curves or points of curves.

Thank you in advance =)

Hi @Alena_Mishkevich,

can you upload the gh file you’re using?

When you say ‘change the shape of base’, do you still want to have rectangular pylons, or should those also change shape?

Here is my (8.9 KB)

I don’t want change shape of pylons. I want to put my pylons on a triangle or a trapezium for example, not only on a square or rectangular

Thank you for interest

See this: (23.0 KB)

Only the nearest attractor is taken into account, this solution doesn’t take the average of all attractors. That’s also possible, but a bit more complicated.

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Thank you very much for your help @DavidRutten
This it is exactly what I need!

Just for fun.

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