Change Rhino 5 license for Mac to Windows license

Hi guys,
I am using Rhino 5 (education license) for Mac, but I really need the Grasshopper plug-in for university and so I downloaded Windows for Mac. The problem now is, that I cannot use my license key because it is only for Mac´s and it does not fit with Windows 10. Hopefully there are some options to change/get the key or you guys can help me otherwise.

Thanks in advance!


You can use grasshopper on rhino for Mac. Are you using the WIP?

Here you can read about the work in progress Rhino for Mac

yes, I am using the WIP. The problem is that some plug-ins we need for university don´t work and therefore I need Rhino for Windows

usually this is being handled through the reseller from what i have read around here. nobody here at discourse can help you directly. just address this issue where you bought rhino and it probably will work.

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