Change order list that match on names

Hi! I’m new on this forum writing (not reading, years reading this webside) But, cannot solve this:

How could I Put the point list on the right, with the same order that the bottom one?

I mean, for example “Casa Arco” Match with point (191,…) And they are both on {0,0}
If I have a list with another order, how do I put the same point (191,…) at {2,0}?

But for all the list completly.

Thank you in advance!

Duda (11.6 KB)

the following works assuming lists have exactly the very same number of items, and you are ok with flattening the lists (thus losing any pre-existing data-structure)

use Key/Value Search:

Duda (10.2 KB)

Hi! Thanks for your reply!

Actually, the main point of this is to not lose the structure, so flatten and all the data on the same list is not allowed in this case

you can always unflatten the search keys, the only important thing is the 1key <==> 1 value rule

Duda (13.4 KB)

Oh yes absolutely! You did it!! I looked it before with the phone, but you did it fine the first time! Second is perfect.

Thanks a lot Inno, that was a headache for me, didn’t know about KeySearch

Very grateful <3