Change Number inside list

Hi, I didn´t find any examples here, so I wanted to ask how I could change the Number inside a List to get the result like the Picture?

I want to connect them later with an bendy curve

Here is the File if needed (11.4 KB)

Thanks in Advanced ! :smiley:

Shift component will shift the index of the second list.

Yes! That helped me already! Thank you for that!

I’m a pretty big Noob, so I dont know the right words on how to call this, but basically with the Shift List Node I can shift the number position from my List.
Thing is it changes every Number from that List…
There is possibly a way that I can only rewrite a specific Collume (?) inside the list Like for example the second one this?

I guess I can use this Code on the Top right “0;0;0;1;0”, but I have no Idea how or what it is called :frowning:

Each column is called a Branch. Multiple branches as you have shown create a DataTree. Trees can take some time to understand as they can get complicated.

There are many discussions and tutorials on trees:

Thank you very much!