Change model unit with scale breaks history

Hi guys, I started off a small project in mm and needed to swap to meters, but then with scaling on I got this error message:

And that would be quite bad news if I had worked a lot on the project. But luckily I have not.
I have not checked IF this applies to copy - pasting, or importing, elements between two Rhino files with different units, so if you look into it please check that too.


Hei Jørgen!
Thanks for the report. I’ll write that up.

Apparently, copy-paste also kills history but you don’t get the warning.

That’s probably normal - in the sense that if you copy + paste an object, it adds the new object (copy) to the document with a different ID from the original. As History follows the original object ID, you won’t have any history on the new ID.

That makes sense and probably isn’t an easy fix - but it’s probably not what the user expects / wishes.