Change layer color script


not sure if that’s possible.I want to write a little macro script to change the layer color.
for example,here is little script

-_ChangeLayer pause newlayer newname

it will create a new layer with black color.I want to change the color of the new layer using the macro script instead of black color layer.would it be possible??

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

Do you always want the same color for a new layer? If so, you can simply go to Rhino Options > Appearance > Colors > New Layer and change black to something else.


that’s not quite what I want.I want to change the color of specific layer with specific color using macro script.
perhaps I will explain more detail what I want to archieve.
I am trying to create two buttons to create a cutting plane in 45 degree and 30 degree angle.
below is the 45 degree cutter . I still can’t figure 30 degree cutter yet.

_CutPlane pause -5,-5,0 0,0,0  -5,5,0 0,0,0 enter 
-_ChangeLayer _sellast enter n 45cutter 

after that I want to change the color of 45cutter layer into specific color that I want.


Something like this should work:
! _CutPlane _Pause -5,-5,0 0,0,0 -5,5,0 0,0,0 _Enter -_ChangeLayer _Sellast _Enter _New "45cutter" _-Layer _Color "45cutter" 255,0,0 _Enter

For the 30° cutter you might look into specifying the coordinates in polar coordinates rather than Cartesian (see the Help on how to do this)



cool.I figured out something like this

_CutPlane pause 0 1<90 0 1<60 0 1<30 0 1<0 0 1<-30 0 1<-60

thanks you for help.