Change in Section command code?

Two years ago when I used Rhino 6, the section command would create a curve object around the girth of the whole scan regardless of the position of the section points, as shown in the gif here. Sort of hard to see, but you will notice the sections encircle the whole foot in the bottom views:

Trying the same thing in Rhino 7, I get this:

Wanted to see if there was any way to recreate the Rhino 6 behavior. Thanks!

No change since Rhino 6.

Make sure ExtendSection=Yes in command options after selecting objects. The setting is “sticky” so it will be the same as when last set.

V7 Help:

V6 Help:

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Hi David,

Thanks, that worked.
However, the part that confuses me is that in my old protocol, that option was actually off.
See this Rhino 6 gif, It’s clearer than the one I posted before and you can see that the option is toggled “no”.

Yep, this setting was broken on meshes, as I recall.
RH-46543 Section: ExtendSection=No does not work on meshes

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Thank you both @davidcockey @pascal for your speedy responses. :smile: