Change icon/tab alignment: possible?

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I know it probably isn’t possible and a quite exotic question anyway, but nevertheless here is my question:

I would very much like to change the alignment of icons and tabs in some toolbars from left- to right-aligned.
is there any way to do this?


I think the answer may be no but can you provide an example of what you mean? We’re talking about the justification of icons in the toolbar tabs/groups right?

Exactly, the justification of icons in toolbars and of tabs in toolbar groups.

If you are wondering why on earth I would like to change that (you probably are):
I am using a Wacom Cintiq tablet display (in general this is working very well indeed) and would like to orient my toolbars to the right as much as possible.


I understand now thanks, I wouldn’t know of a way to change the icon alignment within a tab but @JohnM might know for sure if it’s possible. I’d try docking them side by side on the right to squeeze out the empty space…

From an ergonomic point of view, this idea would work well, I use blank buttons to shuffle the icons into a more user friendly location - which is far from ideal.

Far from ideal indeed.
Especially since Rhino regularly keeps changing the divisions between toolbars even when docked toolbars are locked.