Change Grab with deegres slider

Im learning GH and i have a problem to (change)switch from grab to a number slider (degrees 0-90).
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!:wink: (19.3 KB)

Grab is not intended as a precise tool - more just a way of quickly interacting.
If you know you want to move a point exactly along a predefined arc by a certain number of degrees, I would recommend using an Anchor. You can set the initial location of the point as P, and the Target position as T (which you can set as a rotation in Grasshopper, with an amount controlled by a number input or a slider).

Hi, Daniel
Thanks for your explanation.
I try this before, without success. Also i try to put Brep 1 as geometry to rotate but didnt work.
What im doing wrong?

You need to rotate the point.
The ‘Point’ input of the anchor is the initial location.
The ‘Target’ input is where you want it to go - i.e. the rotated point.

I followed your instructions. I put also the plane of rotation.
The point is moving in the right direction but not the whole geometry!?
Why? Do I need to add some more command?

You didn’t internalise your Rhino geometry, so I can’t see your file.
In your screenshot though I can see you are still not moving the target point (10.2 KB)

Thanks for your patience.
I learned a lot.:slight_smile:

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