Change geometry texture - viewer V3

Hi, how could you change the texture of a geometry directly with an image url? Without refreshing the model in the viewer v3.

In viewer 2 I use this:

id: sdAPI.scene.get({ name: “casco”, format: “material” }, “CommPlugin_1”).data[0].id,
content: [
format: “material”,
data: {
version: “2.0”,
bitmaptexture: value.imageUrl
}], “CommPlugin_1”);

After seeing your request, our team has decided to improve the way this operation can be done in viewer 3, as it is not very straightforward currently. We will get back to you with a code example once that is done.

Thank you, I’m looking forward for your answer.

with Viewer 3 version 1.11.7 you can now update the contents rather easily.
Here is a CodeSandBox to demonstrate this.
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Michael

Hi, I’m testing the textures with normalMap.
How can you add the displacementMap?

displacementMaps are on our todo-list but not supported yet. We’ll let you know once that is done!

Here is btw an update on the original topic as there were minor changes. You might find the freeze option useful as well.

Cheers, Michael

Hello, is this still working? Where can i find the example?

Hello @Jose_Antonio_Ordoñez
sorry about that, here you go