Change display precision of text height field

I am trying to create a drawing template, which has to work in multiple layouts covering various scales. My annotation styles are scaled accordingly.
My problem now is, that the text height inside my layout does not match the (display) precision anymore. While I can adjust my font height inside the annotation style to a precision of .0001 my text height inside the properties panel only rounds to .001 . I am not sure if this is just displayed wrong inside the properties or the text is actually scaled wrong (i believe the former is the case), it is either way very hard to work for me like this. My only work-around would be to create a single annotation style for each scaling, which would be tedious.

Is there a way to match the properties window precision to the same precision as the annotation style without modifying the overall display precision which will then affect how dimensions are displayed?

Hi Phillip - Could you post a simple (a single annotation style) file that shows this behavior? I’m not able to reproduce that here so far. I see that the value is rounded but here it’s rounded to 0.001 and not 0.002.

Also, when testing the height of a text string against a style that doesn’t use as many decimals and has the same resulting text height in model space, it shows that the height of the text object is correct (i.e. not rounded).

Note that the intended and recommended workflow is that this height is set to something that is legible on a layout and that layout units typically are either millimeters or inches in contrast to whatever the model units are set to.

Hi Wim,
well, actually now I am also not able to reproduce it like that again. I guess, I selected two different annotations. Sorry.
Nevertheless this rounding display issue (from .0013 to .001) you mentioned is exactly what I am trying to solve.
I now, the intention is to use something legible, but in this case the annotation style needs to work in different template files across scales, so my colleagues apparently need to use these small fractions.
Is it possible to tweak the displayed decimals in the properties window?
Thanks for your help!

200417_Master_Layer_Structure_ENG.3dm (140.4 KB)