Change dimensions of object without changing other elements?

Hello there, I am a woodworker and am designing some drawers. I have finished the design, but now need them to be 8mm wider.

I am wondering if there is away to make the draw wider without changing any of the finger joint dimensions? If I use the scale tool for example this will change those dimensions.

The way I ended up doing it was using the gumball to move the side pieces 4mm away in each direction, then using the split tool to split all the front facing pieces. I then used the gumball again to move these split pieces 4mm away from each other. I then selected the edges of the split pieces and used the move tool to snap them back into the center.

Any suggestions for a better way of doing this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi Bea -

Typically, you’d move the side pieces as you did and then probably hide those. Then sub-object select (using Ctrl+Shift+LMB) the sides of the front-facing items and move those.

Just to clarify, the end faces to select include the inner faces of the finger recesses, so: