Change default settings Rhino v4

Rhino v4

I thought I had changed some default command settings in the past. Now I am at a loss to find how I did it.



In V5 we have the RememberCopyOptions command that controls some of these.
The other way is to modify the button macro (or make a new one) that passes in the details settings you want it to use.

Thanks John

I was trying to change the default for a menu command. Been so long since I created all my buttons and macros, I forgot how easy it was.

For circle radius try adding a startup command that is canceled or undone (Options > General page) like so:

_Circle 0 2 _Undo

Rhino will remember that as the default for the current session.


This looks like what I want … except that I don’t understand it. I see how to run a startup command. But what does the command look like to tell Flow to use Stretch=Yes as a default?

Did you notice that you commented on a message thread that has been dormant for 10 years?
Are you still running Rhino V4?

Yes, I’m still running Rhino 4. Does what I need. Questions still stands. I tried

! _Flow _Stretch=_Yes !

in startup commands, but it doesn’t work. Note that the list of options in Flow appears only after the objects-to-be-flowed have been selected. Does that make a difference?

Hi David -

Yes, options that aren’t on the command line can’t be called before they do so.