Change colour of selection feedback?

As you see here you can barely see anything currently selected. Can’t find the location, it’s not in appearance. Any help with this? Thanks H

Afternoon Hannes,

You could try _Zoomselected


Thanks @rupertenberg but I meant the colour of the selected mesh (it’s skincolour. rose) there is the black mesh directly above it (same outline). Want to change the selection feedback colour into something more dominant


Hi Hannes - see Options > Selection menu page > Highlight color.


The problem isn’t the selection color, it’s the ambiguous “stacked object” color.
Stack a couple circles and select them. They highlight as a weir pink color that is very similar to the color of the mesh in the image.
There is no direct U/I color setting for stacked objects.

Maybe @stevebaer or @jeff know where that interference color comes from?

I can totally see something selected…it’s a mesh and it’s pink. Unfortunately that screenshot tells me nothing. Are there two coplanar meshes there? If so, what would you expect to happen? If I have two planes in exactly the same place, and I select one of them and the multi-object picker pops up… What could we do to indicate which plane you wanted? I don’t think changing pink to some other color is going to solve this problem…unless I’m not understanding the issue here.

@John_Brock Are you sure the mesh in the image is really colored pink, or are we just seeing the pink mesh because the picker is currently coloring it pink? How are you able to determine that the actual object color for the mesh is pink ? The “choose one” dialog shows the object’s color to the left of the name, and both are black in that image…which is why I’m not sure exactly what the problem is here. I see two meshes, one is very dense and is currently highlighted pink, the other is not very dense and it is displayed as black… So what’s the problem?


After closer inspection, I think you’re right @jeff
There must be two meshes there and that’s why they are pink with the Selection Menu interface showing.

Does this make more sense now?

Thanks @pascal changed it from rose to cyan, this helps, for the background I have ExactFlat’s EFRemesher working on planes that I created from the outlines of the original mesh, then took the remeshed meshes and applied the surface mapping from the original mesh to the remeshed one via the custom mapping. think this occured during the process of dealing with 80 meshes and it really annoyed me. Thanks for everyone working on this!!! H