Change color of an object

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Good morning to everyone.
I am new to this forum and new to Rhino. I am a .NET developer. I have a requirement where I have to change the object color with the help of .3dm file and then generate the image (jpeg/gif) on the fly based on what color a user selects.

Can anyone guide me on the right path? Meanwhile, I shall dig into this forum and searching my requirement on other sub sites.

Thank you in advance.


Does this help?

More samples:


I’m wondering if it is possible to render an object, for example it’s edges and surfaces, with a different color in a temporary way?

  • for example - If I have the GUID ID of an object (a surface) is it possible to have it render differently via the pre and post draw overrides without permanently changing its attribute?

Do the above examples (that you provided to Dhana) let this happen or would I need to change the attribute back progarmmatically in order to mimic a temporary change?

I guess that I want a light-weight method to change the appearance of a surface (just within the pre or post draw override draw - display conduit methods) but nowhere else within a rhino command / solution.