Change camera view in imported picture?

I am taking pictures of a hand and want to trace the nail bed profile. this works with imported picture but the thumb is not orthogonal as are the rest of the fingers. i need a way to change the camera view so that i can rotate the thumb nailbed to make it maximum wideness as if it were also shot orthogonally. 3d rotate will only make the width less not increase it as if the camera view were changed. I can probably do this in an image program but it would be great if i could do it in Rhino.

Hi Spencer - I am not really grokking what it is you want to do - the pixels in the image are the way they are becuse of where the camera was placed when the photo was shot - you cannot change that after the fact - you can distort the picture but this will not reveal anything that was not in the image to begin with.


yes it is probably something impossible to do since the dimensional information is lost taking the picture crooked.

do you have an image (part of it at least)? it should be possible to at least to approximate the dimensions, if you have most of it showing.

what is it for? how relevant is utmost precision?

also just to be sure, do you want to distort the image through the camera or do you want to align the camera to create more 3d data or are you drawing 2d only?

it is for a silly project. making stainless steel finger nail extensions. the idea is to use stock profiles scaled to fit an outline of the cuticle. to get this outline will require taking a picture, importing into rhino and tracing. the problem is that the picture might not be orthogonal. there id probably no way to know how tilted the camera or the fingers might be so i probably just have to insist on a good picture with a scale reference