Change Block Definition

I have a file with a number of block instances with different orientations. I created the block in the file by copy/paste from another file.

Is there any way to replace all instances of that block with a new definition?

I have tried replaceblock but that:

  1. Puts the replacement block in its original orientation, rather than in the orientation of the old block.
  2. The replacement block is being multiplied in size by 12.

Before replaceblock:

After Replaceblock

Man, I thought this would be an easy one.

Hi bigjimslade,

i think, maybe, try to create a new block with the same name. it will ask you if you want to replace it. say yes.

Here is what is happening. I am starting with this. The blocks are the small circles.

I replace the block definition with a new definition nearly identical in size and I am getting this:

The replacement blocks are getting scaled many times the size of the size of the block I am creating in the file.