Change Block basepoint & Replace block - Quality of life macros

I find myself wanting to create two macros, but I’m not able to get the results I’m looking so I’m hoping someone could help me out with this:

  1. For some reason I am unable to create a macro with _-BlockEdit command where I can directly excecute “Set base point” of the block without having to click on the button that pops up. There just doesn’t seem to be a way to chain a macro with that command.
  2. For the _Replaceblock command, I’d like to have it execute

! _ReplaceBlock _all


! _ReplaceBlock _none

Currently, these commands only work with pre-selection, because _all and _none execute _Selall and _Selnone. Is it possible to circumvent this somehow to get rid of the pre-selection?

E: To be more specific: the commands would work if I can set Mode=none or Mode=all, though I don’t see a mode indicated in the command line. I’d like to get it to work this way, since that’s how its done in Autocad so I’m not confusing my muscle memory :slight_smile: