Change annotation settings from the command line

Hello, forum!

I would like to change the annotation the command line (which I would use in my .net 2.0 plug-in). I could not find the option (under the command -DocumentProperties…) for the two parameters highlighted in the attached image. Are those accessible from some other menu?

Livio Scandella

How about this?

_-DocumentProperties _Dimensions _Edit Default _DimensionScale=2 _ArrowLength=2 _Enter _Enter _Enter _Enter


thanks. It works for the model space, but your command _ArrowLength=2 changes the annotation arrow length, not the other arrow length as far as I could understand in my tests.


I don’t see a command line option to change the leader arrowhead size. But you can always script with RhinoScript.

_-RunScript (Rhino.DimStyleLeaderArrowSize "Default", 2)


thanks, it works perfectly! What would be the equivalent command in c# (.net 2.0)?


When you say “.net 2.0” do you mean your plug-in is referencing Rhino_DotNet.DLL?


it’s what in McNeel site is called .NET Framework Plug-In Development or Rhino.NET SDK, which I use with C#.

Thanks. Livio