Change a copied block color, but still be driven by the 'master block'


is there away to be able to change the color settings of a block, but for its geometry to still be driven by the master block?

I am creating some interior architecture plans, and have a set of different blocks for different items such as electric, air, furniture, lighting, etc. And when I print these to pdf, it would be good to be able to ghost out certain blocks to a light grey. for example, when I am producing a drawing specifically for carpentry work, it would still be good to see the positions of the furniture items, but ghosted / greyed line work.

or any suggested work arounds, [without having to have different blocks for the same items]. would be appreciated



Hello all - I have come up to this same issue again and hoping someone may be able to help…

again - I would like to be able to have a master block which controls the geometry, but then in certain instances, and I can have a sub block that refers to the geometry, but is able to have its color changed…

Hoping someone may be able to help with this…