ChamferEdge on a hole sees diameter command give varying result

Hi, V5
0.03 dia holes, c/sunk edge to be 0.08Inch dia, do the maths, thats chamferEdge 0.025
do that and results show 0.0817

so 0.025 - (0.0017 / 2) = 0.02415 chamferEdge

redo with that value, and check diameter and the readout is changing as I rotate around the c/sunk hole rim.

Should it not be a steady diameter, and why did the correct maths produce not 0.08 but 0.0817 ?

chamfer varying diameter result.3dm (387.7 KB)

Hi Steve - it really would be so much easier to help if you could succinctly state, in actual sentences, punctuation, complete words, what it is you are asking. This is not a telegram.

Let me restate for you by way of example:

I see that the radius on a surface from ChamferEdge is not consistent at all but it varies around the edge. Why is that? Can it be fixed? Example attached with chamfer distance at .025

Can you see how much easier it is for a human to understand what it is you are asking about?

The results from ChamferEdge was made better in cases where a true circle can be found, in V6.



Nice one @pascal.

Rodolfo Santos