Chamfer or fillet whole object?

Is there a quick way to select whole object edges to chamfer it or fillet it when there are many objects around?

probably a few ways to go about doing this… one is layer visibility …if all the cramped objects are on one layer, you can select the one you want to work on then do Invert Selection and Hide Objects… (i don’t think that’s an actual command that does this… but there’s an icon under the hide icon which will do the macro)… but that will make only the object you’d like to work on visible then you can window select it during the filletEdge command

Thanks Jeff,
usually I move it out of the mess select edges, chamfer or fillet than move back,
other way is to select it, use inverse lock button, chamfer or fillet than unlock.
But I hope that there is a faster way to do it or at least that it will be implemented.

yeah, i guess there’s not a way to select all edges of an object other than window selecting… i wonder if chain edges could have an addition of ‘all edges’ (or something) ?

This could surely help, I thought about double-click but don’t know if it would be good in all scenarios,
quickest definitely.