Chamfer fail in Rhino 6 Beta

works in 5, not in 6…

CHAMFER FAIL IN 6.3dm (503.8 KB)

Hi Andrew. I see it. Thanks for the report.

I have this working the way it was in V5 now. My fix will not make it into the beta, but will be in the first service release of V6. Notice that even in V5, there are naked edges where the chamfers meet.

The changes in V6 that led to your report were made to improve the behavior of this type of corner, where two of 4 edges have been selected and the other two join tangent surfaces. In your case, the surfaces that were detected to be tangent weren’t tangent enough. I’ve now detected this situation and handle it as in V5.

I’m marking this report as fixed, but will open another to handle the naked edges.

Thanks again for the report.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the follow up. Glad to hear of the improvements!

Andrew Chan
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