Chair using Block as Planview under a table

Hi there

probably a simple solution to this one. I have a chair that uses a block as it’s plan view, is there a way I can hide the part that is under the table?

Here’s what it looks like if I turn off the cut plane:

This, but with the better curve representation is what I’m after.

Make a block from this assembly and erase the parts underneath the table in the 2d block.

Or perhaps a solid white fill for the table top would work too, I am not sure on this one.

This would require two elements, one for chairs underneath tables(maybe even two, one for rectangular and one for round tables) and one that wasn’t cut in any way. This would be far too cumbersome.

So far the solution I’ve done is create a circular white fill on the 2D plan view and grouped that with the table in 3D. But this doesn’t seem ideal either.