"ChainEdges" option of "Pipe" not working?

I noticed that the “ChainEdges” option of the “Pipe” command refuses to chain select the remaining tangent curves. In other commands the chain selection works, though. Is there something wrong with this particular tool?

So, is this an actual bug, or just a very clever feature that lets the user develop index finger muscles by forcing him or her to click multiple times to select the curves one by one? :smiley:

Hio Bobi-- Chaining was broken in several commands… I did not test Pipe when it was broken but it seems to work now - the test to see if it is the same bug is, used a split edge of a surface and ask for chaining - if that works but not free curves, then that is the same bug and it has been fixed.


Hi Pascal, I use the latest Rhino 7 release candidate (7.6.21124.09001) that was released couple of days ago. The video I posted above was also recorded while using the same version of Rhino 7.
I’m pretty sure that the “ChainEdges” option of the “Pipe” tool worked fine several years ago in Rhino 6, but now that I had to use it again in Rhino 7 I noticed that it no longer does its job. :slight_smile: Hopefully this will be fixed soon.