Chain select curves that join using layer name and colour?

Having had a curve made up of many segments, and had to explode then alter one of them, I wish to select that one (it joins them ) and click the next segment and have the others auto select based on the fact that they are all the same colour, on the same layer and they join (ends abutt). I dont want any others on that layer that are nothing to do with that particular set of joined curves. Just saves me picking my way round the entire lot again before joining them !

Is there a way ?

This would be a common need of us all.



_SelChain allows you to select items that will chain together. You set an angle tolerance which limits how much deviation will be acceptable between segments.

You can only use one type of selection at a time. So you can select objects by colour or by layer but you can’t simply combine different types of selection. You could turn off layers you don’t want, then select by colour, invert the selection and hide those items, leaving just the colour you want, then _SelChain. But _SelChain may not need that extra faff.

Next time, ExtractSrf the single segment you want to alter instead of _Explode. That way the rest stay joined…

Instead of exploding use Split>Point and split the curve at the two points you want to isolate the segment that needs altering. That will leave the rest of the curve intact and when you join it back up again it will have the same layer/color. I have an alias for this because I use it often: spp - ! _Split _Point.

Hi, sounds useful,
How do I run that, can I make a button for it ?