CGA language inside Rhinocommon

I’m not a software engineer; however, I do know basic level python and C# syntaxes. I want to use City Engine’s CGA rules inside Rhino.

Is it possible to implement City Engine’s CGA language in Rhinocommon?

From what I understand, CGA (Computer Generated Architecture) shape grammar is a programming language integrated into CityEngine (ESRI). Thus, it won’t run in Rhino. But I might be confused…

– Dale

do you think it is possible to use an parser (like ANTLR) to implement CGA language in rhino common?

Keep in mind that RhinoCommon is just an API to access Rhino from .NET. So if the questions is whether or not you could build a CGA-type grammatical system in .NET that uses RhinoCommon as a foundation for geometry, attributes, display, I/O, etc, then yes you could probably do this. I say this very cautiously as I don’t know anything about CGA, other than the brief paragraph I read from the ESRI site, not do I understand the scope of work that may be involved.

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I exactly want to do that. I want to create a plugin which reads a CGA code ,and then interprets it and creates geometry according to the code inside rhino.

Sounds ambitious. :wink:

Let us know if you have any questions.

– Dale

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I have already created the parser and lexer for CGA. If anybody interested or would like to contribute please check the link below;