Certification by Class Societies

Dear all,

I would like to know if there is any type approval certificate from class societies (e.g. Bureau Veritas, DNV…) approving Rhinoceros as a tool for calculation of volumes, areas and other possible calculation that can be done.

thanks in advance, Ricardo

Hi Ricardo,

As far as I know, this is not available for Rhino. It is also not available for Orca3D as their are high costs involved for software developers to receive this approval. Especially when you want to have the approval for several class societies.

As Rhino software is not specifically developed for the maritime industry it is not a priority for McNeel to spend money and resources on marine class approval.
As far as I know for Orca3D there’s also no indication that it will be approved as the costs for approval are not earned back with the affordable pricing of Orca3D.

To my opinion being a naval architect and software reseller in the marine industry, Rhino and Orca3D are perfect integral design tools with which you can validate your design with basic analysis. When you are confident that your design meets the requirements, you can export to specific and approved analysis tools to do that part yourself or hire an office that can do that for you.

The same counts for Scan&Solve FEA for example. You can do that yourself first and then hire someone to validate your design.