Centre osnap for a cube?

Hi, It would be useful to have centre Osnap to find centre of a solid drawn with the cube icon .

if I explode it then join the parts it still doesnt osnap centre.


Hi Steve - use Between and opposite corners (End osnap) for this.


Polysurfaces don’t have Osnap “centers”, but they do have Volume Centroids…
Then the Point osnap will grab the point created by VolumeCentroid.

turned off all but end osnap, wont find middle,

turn that off, turn on point osnap, still wont find middle ?

what am I doing wrong ?


Midpoint osnap is the middle of a curve.

Hi, turn off all but mid and it finds middlle of the side, but not middle (centre) of the base of this solid.
still at a loss to know how to snap to centre of the base or off the top of this solid.


I am not understanding that though, quite what do I do ?

use Between and Opposite corners.

I feel its something that should be naturally known but I am totally lost.
need to either have a step by step or a video.

I have end ticked, nothing else, I have found ctrl gives me options I click ‘Between’ though button doesnt stay down, I dont see Opposite, I let go of Ctrl.
I then hover the shape but nothing happens.

I also try with ctlr held down, having just clicked Between but no better.

Should Between button not stay depressed ?

what is 'Opposite ’

“Between” is a temporary mode of Osnap which allows you to pick two points (anywhere on anything, even in free space), and the result it gives back is a point in the middle of (between) the two picked points.

This way of snapping can then be used on the opposite corners of a surface (or anything) to find its middle (and even center) point.

Edit: Fig 1. Hold down CTRL-SHIFT to find the “Between” mode shown below:

// Rolf

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I have found that method the quickest for me. Turn points on in Osnap, Run Volume Centroid on the object, select both the object and the centroid point and then move from the centroid point to where ever you want.

I always forget about those second hidden options for Osnap.

I’d quite like that ‘between’ snap available all the time!!

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Seconded. I can’t understand why it isn’t. One of the most useful, ever.

// Rolf

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Hello - if by that you mean persistent like End, Point etc, then, it cannot - Between, From, AlongLine etc can only be one-shots, not persisten - there’s no way for these to work other than by specifically asking when you need them. But they are available all the time if you ask for them.


I think the point being that the Between option should be visible att all times. Now it requires that CTRL-SHIFT to make it visible, and it’s not convenient for a command that should be used very often.

// Rolf

That’s why we have aliases!


Hm. I see your point. But I would think of Aliases as solutions for things that are a bit odd. For things that not all users would use most of the time. Between is very useful for all, most of the time.

So perhaps a priority thing. In short: I would put Between very (very) high on the priority list, meaning it should always be visible out of the box.

Edit: Another reason for this is that many (most?) people don’t know of the command since it’s not visible. It took me a while do discover it.

// Rolf

Or perhaps the always-visible osnaps could be user configurable, with all the rest available via CTRL-SHFT? Since the main reason for not showing them all is available display space this would also allow the user to always display as many or as few as he/she desires.


Actrually, the visibility of Between is activated by pressing just CTRL (SHIFT is not necessary)

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Not on Rhino6 (at least not on mine). This is what I see when pressing CTRL (only):

CTRL-SHIFT is required.

// Rolf

No, Shift only…

Why is Between and alike so well hidden?
Not easy for one-handed users.

Ok, they could use the toolbox, but why not make the whole thing more accessible?
In a standard setup, the Osnap use a small portion of the screen, the right side is unused.

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