Centermark in layout space?

I want to apply a centermark in a layout, but it asks me to select a curve for the centermark, which I can’t do when in layout space (the curve is in model space)… If I double click to open into model space, it will place the centermark, but it stays in model space… What am I missing?

Hi Mitch,

The centermark will appear in the model space but should be visible (albeit small) in the layout. I just checked this is ok in Rhino 6.23.

On the offchance, if you don’t see it, is it possible the curve is not drawn in the same plane as the layout?


Or Show Annotations turned off for the view?

Yes, but I don’t want it in model space - I want it to reside in layout space like the rest of the dimensions I’m adding.

Oh OK. You’re not missing anything, it’s a feature that is currently missing.