Center snap on ellipse

Hi To all, I was working with ellipses this morning . tried to use center snap and couldn’t get it to grab. Is it me ? Another thing i’ve watched from this forum is that there are a few things to work out on SR10. should a person wait to load it , or just go with it? thank you Mark

Hi Mark- that should certainly work- does the What command confirm that you have an ellipse? As for SR10, if in doubt, just wait for the next release candidate or the SR itself.


I turned things on. what specifically I’m trying to do is snap to the center of an Ellipse when using the MOVE command. gum ball is turned on too.

It also says valid ellipse in What

while I’m on the asking trail here. when you all ask for a screen shot or some input, where can I learn where to do this? It seems that this is the most common thing people ask for to help someone

Hi Julie’s Dad,

It’s been a while since I’ve used a PC but I believe it’s the Prt Sc or Print Screen button which takes the screenshot then you can paste it into a document or open Paint, paste it (Ctrl and V) then save it as a jpeg.

Click on the cloud at the top of this window and upload the image.



Tapping the Print Screen button on the keyboard captures an image of the entire Windows Desktop on the 'Clipboard". Holding Alt while tapping Print Screen places an image of just the current Window on the Clipboard. From there is can be pasted into something that can save it as an image.
My personal favorite application for this sort of thing is Paint.Net. I can crop the image, add text or arrows to it and save it in a variety of neutral formats like JPG and PNG.

This is an essential and important Windows computer skill.

Also with Windows 7 or 8 there is the Snipping Tool which will capture any part of the screen. Under Windows Accessories.

Try downloading the windows snip tool. It’s terrific for grabbing a *.jpg of any part of that which you see on screen. Rob