Center Snap failing on some curves

I’m not getting this as a consistent fault, the center snap has been failing me on curves and surfaces generated in a drawing that has surfaces that do snap correctly. This is a new error since the latest update as I was only working on this drawing a few days ago.

Hi Bill- please post an example of a curve where this fails, I’ll take a look.

thanks, -Pascal

Snap Fault.3dm (60.8 KB)

Thanks Pascal, one thing I just noticed is I made a circle above the shell and that worked. I wonder if the shell isn’t a continuous shell. Also note the curve at the base of the taper as that failed for me.

Hi Bill - the circularish curves in the tapered shape are not circles - pretty close, but not it. You can make the circle that ‘should’ be there from Circle > 3Points and snap to the ends of three of the vertical lines.


Thanks Pascal, could it be a problem with Sweep 1 Rail command as that was what I used to generate taper. Normally I get a closed shell, hence me noticing the snap failure ? but I was not being sharp enough to catch the shell wasn’t closed.

Hi Bill- use ExtrudeCrvTapered (of a circle), or make a Loft between two circles - does either of those get you the shape you need?


Yep loft works fine, but up till now Sweep 1 Rail never gave me problems. I shall use loft for the time being.